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Teka: The Trusted Brand for Modern and Stylish Kitchen Products

Teka: A Leading Brand of Kitchen Appliances

If you are looking for high-quality and innovative kitchen appliances, you might want to consider teka. Teka is a multinational company that specializes in sinks, exhaust hoods, hobs, ovens, and other products for your home. In this article, we will explore what teka has to offer, how it started and evolved over the years, and how it compares to its competitors.

What is teka and what does it offer?

Teka is a German-based company that was founded in 1924 by Karl Thielmann as an agricultural machinery manufacturer. Later, he began to work with stainless steel, which became the core material of his products. In 1957, Helmut Klein joined the company as a partner and created the brand name teka, using the initials of their surnames. Since then, teka has expanded its product range to include kitchen products such as sinks, taps, ovens, microwaves, extractor hoods, induction hobs, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and more. Teka also produces bathroom products such as taps and fittings for public facilities and homes.



Teka has a presence in more than 100 countries across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It has 14 factories and employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. Teka is known for its design, quality, innovation, and sustainability. It has won several international awards for its products and has sponsored various sports and artistic events.

What are the benefits and features of teka appliances?

Teka appliances are designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen. They offer a variety of benefits and features that cater to different needs and preferences. Some of them are:

teka appliances

teka oven

teka fridge

teka sink

teka hob

teka hood

teka dishwasher

teka microwave

teka coffee maker

teka washing machine

teka kitchen

teka faucet

teka cooktop

teka freezer

teka dryer

teka mixer

teka grill

teka steamer

teka wine cooler

teka water heater

teka air fryer

teka pizza oven

teka induction hob

teka gas hob

teka ceramic hob

teka electric oven

teka pyrolytic oven

teka steam oven

teka combi oven

teka convection oven

teka side by side refrigerator

teka retro refrigerator

teka no frost refrigerator

teka inverter refrigerator

teka built-in refrigerator

teka stainless steel sink

teka granite sink

teka undermount sink

teka topmount sink

teka single bowl sink

teka double bowl sink

teka drainer sink

teka island hood

teka wall hood

teka integrated hood

teka telescopic hood

teka downdraft hood

teka slimline hood

  • DualClean: This is a cleaning system that combines pyrolysis and hydrolysis to remove dirt and grease from your oven without using chemicals or detergents. You can choose between two modes: pyrolysis for deep cleaning or hydrolysis for quick cleaning.

  • SteakMaster: This is an oven with a special pizza function that can reach up to 340C. It allows you to cook perfect steaks with a crispy crust and a juicy interior. It also comes with a SteakGrill accessory that enhances the flavor and texture of your meat.

  • AirFry: This is a function that uses hot air circulation to fry food without oil. It reduces fat intake and calories while preserving the crispiness and taste of your food.

  • Fortinox: This is a sink made of stainless steel with a lifetime warranty. It has a unique design that prevents water from splashing or spilling over. It also has an antibacterial coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

  • Infinity Design: This is a design concept that aims to bring the finest design to every home. It features sleek lines, elegant finishes, intuitive controls, and smart features that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your appliances.

How does teka compare to its competitors and what makes it stand out?

Teka faces competition from other appliance brands such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Bora, Gorenje, BC Service, Tennant among others. However, teka has managed to maintain its position as a leading brand of kitchen appliances by focusing on customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainability. Some of the factors that make teka stand out from its competitors are:

  • Customer satisfaction: Teka strives to provide the best service and support to its customers, from the moment they choose their products to the after-sales service. Teka has a network of authorized service centers, online platforms, and phone lines to assist customers with any queries or issues they may have. Teka also offers a free installation service for some of its products.

  • Innovation: Teka invests in research and development to create new products and solutions that meet the changing needs and expectations of the market. Teka has a team of engineers, designers, and experts who work together to develop innovative technologies and features that enhance the performance, efficiency, and convenience of its appliances. Teka also collaborates with prestigious institutions and organizations to promote innovation and excellence.

  • Sustainability: Teka is committed to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to social welfare. Teka uses eco-friendly materials and processes to manufacture its products, such as recycled stainless steel, water-based paints, and energy-saving systems. Teka also supports various social and environmental causes, such as education, health, culture, and sports.


Teka is a company that has been producing high-quality and innovative kitchen appliances for almost a century. It offers a wide range of products and services that suit different needs and preferences. It also stands out from its competitors by providing customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainability. If you are interested in learning more about teka and its products, you can visit their website or follow them on social media. You can also find their products in authorized dealers or online stores.


Where can I buy teka products?

You can buy teka products from authorized dealers or online stores. You can use the store locator on their website to find the nearest dealer or shop online from their official partners.

How can I contact teka customer service?

You can contact teka customer service by phone, email, or online form. You can find the contact details on their website or in the user manual of your product.

What is the warranty policy of teka appliances?

Teka appliances have a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any defects or malfunctions that are not caused by improper use, installation, or maintenance. You can register your product online to activate your warranty and access other benefits.

How can I find out more about teka's history and achievements?

You can find out more about teka's history and achievements by visiting their website or reading their blog. You can also watch their videos on YouTube or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

How can I stay updated on teka's latest news and promotions?

You can stay updated on teka's latest news and promotions by subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media. You can also check their website or blog for new product launches, events, tips, recipes, and more.


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