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Ernest Alexandrov
Ernest Alexandrov

The Life and Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda: An Autobiography of a Yogi Malayalam Pdf Free Download

autobiography of a yogi is a spiritual memoir of swami vivekananda, the founder of ramakrishna order. he was a monk-social reformer of 19th century india. this autobiography is considered as the spiritual memoir of swamiji.

An Autobiography Of A Yogi Malayalam Pdf Download

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5-minute free course: finding compassionate wisdom in the sacred texts of yoga master paramahansa yogananda's autobiography of a yogi, now available for free for a limited time. get instant access to this special online course, and learn about the core teachings of yogananda's life-changing work. learn how to make yoga your practice, your philosophy and your path to the heart of the spirit.

sri m. was born on december 2, 1930 in coimbatore, india. he has been referred to as the "yogi of the net" and is a world renowned expert on the mind and meditation. he has been teaching, lecturing and writing on the subject of the mind for more than forty years. in 1971, he was initiated by sri yukteswar giri as a spiritual successor to the lineage of the giri family of yogis in india. he is the author of many books on the subject of the mind. this book was published in india, and is being distributed by sublime publications of india.


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