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All Saints, which is drawn principally but not exclusively from the local
Indian & Pakistani communities, meets every
Sunday at 3pm for
Christian worship and fellowship. Worship fuses together many of the

languages spoken in Belgrave including Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati,
Hindustani and English,
together with a rich blend of musical styles. 
Refreshments are always served after each service. 

Everyone is welcome to come along to any service at All Saints.  If you
would like to explore some aspect of the Christian faith, what it means to
be a follower of Jesus or what it means to join the worshipping
the community at All Saints,
contact Rev’d Sunny George on 07701
092810 or by emailing him on


At All Saints, we use a variety of styles of music – ranging from the
traditional Urdu Psalms to the traditional and modern Hindi and English hymns. We have musicians who play Tabla, harmonium, and piano who accompany the congregation in their singing.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care, healing  & wholeness of the congregation is
the responsibility of all the church members, not just the church leaders.
Here at All Saints, we have a ministerial team who are in touch with
everyone who is associated with the church so no one need feel lonely
or out of touch.

They are good listeners and share prayer when it is needed, however
large or small the problem may be. They are skilled at home and
hospital visiting or dropping in for a chat.

We offer Holy Communion to the housebound.
The goal of pastoral care is to help people live life in all its fullness in the
strength of, and according to, the example of Jesus (John 1 v10-11). To
come some way towards achieving this we offer a wide range of
activities which you can explore here.

We hold a weekly Healing Service every Thursday where private prayers
are available on a one-to-one basis.

Church Groups

Activities and Groups at All Saints
There are many ways to get involved in life at All Saints.   As well as the
groups listed below, we have regular house groups and activities for


Being a disciple of Jesus is all about learning and growing, whatever our

At All Saints, there are opportunities for all ages to learn and grow in
faith through our preaching and teaching on Sundays. We also have a
range of midweek house groups.
If you have ever wanted to talk with others about faith in a safe space or felt you would like to ask questions about Sunday’s sermon, a house group is a great place to start.

We have a number of house groups meeting at different times of the
week and in different places, so you are sure to find one that suits you.
Sometimes the house groups follow up directly on a series of sermons
while at other times they follow their own course.

All are welcome to join in the friendly, lively discussions as together we
seek to grow in our discipleship.


Children and Young people
Children are most welcome at All Saints and we try to provide for all
ages and needs.

Baptisms & Funerals

Baptism (often called a Christening) is a way of giving thanks and
welcoming people into God’s worldwide family.  


Through baptism we belong to God, we are members of the family of the Church, and we begin a new journey with Jesus.
Anyone can be baptised, no matter how old or young, as long as they
haven’t been baptised before.
To book a baptism you are invited to come along to a service on any
Sunday of the month at 3pm.

After the service, a member of the pastoral team will take your details
over coffee.
For more information have a look at The Church of England web pages at

Every Wednesday from 10AM to 2PM we have a Tea and Coffee

Wednesday is also open to Community Meet which is also a friendly
group for anyone who would like some company is feeling lonely, sad or
going through bereavement.
You are welcome to join us, however,  you are feeling and bring a friend.
Come for ten minutes, the full four hours, or anything in between.
Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere and meet others in
a similar situation.
Chat with our trained volunteers, or come and enjoy some time in which
to relax.

Every Thursday

We have a Healing & Wholeness Service with Eucharist every

Wednesday from 1PM to 2PM

Every Friday

Bible Study 

Every Saturday

Free Maths, Science and English classes for the local community.


Choir Practice from

4PM to 6PM

Every Sunday

Services of the Word and Eucharistic Services from 3PM to 6PM

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