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Free Download Old Malayalam Movie Samrajyam

Old Malayalam Movie Samrajyam

Samrajyam (transl. Empire) is a 1990 Indian Malayalam-language gangster film directed by Jomon. The film stars Mammootty as Alexander, a powerful underworld don. The film narrates the story of his rise and fall. The film features Madhu, Srividya, Ashokan, Captain Raju and Vijayaraghavan in supporting roles.

The film was a major commercial success and ran for more than 200 days in Kerala. The film found greater success in Andhra Pradesh. The film brought by distributor for about 10 prints went on to play in 400 prints due to the huge demand in theatres. The film received highly positive reviews from critics and was praised for its direction and effects.


The film revolves around Alexander, who is the son of a police officer Balakrishnan (Madhu). Balakrishnan is estranged from his son due to his involvement in the underworld. Alexander rises to become a powerful mafia leader with the help of his loyal friend Khadir (Vijayaraghavan) and his sister (Sonia). He faces several enemies and challenges from rival gangs, corrupt politicians and police officers. He also falls in love with Lakshmi (Srividya), a widow who runs a dance school. Alexander tries to balance his personal and professional life, but his past catches up with him.

The film has a sequel titled Samrajyam II: Son of Alexander, which was released in 2015. The sequel is directed by Perarasu and stars Unni Mukundan as Jordan, the son of Alexander. The sequel received negative reviews and was a box office flop.


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