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ProfiCAD 7.3 Updated

ProfiCAD 7.3 updated

ProfiCAD is a software program for drawing electrical and electronic diagrams, schematics, and other types of technical diagrams. It is designed for ease of use, with a simple and intuitive interface, and a large library of symbols. ProfiCAD can be used for various purposes, such as designing circuit boards, wiring diagrams, control systems, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams, and more.

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ProfiCAD 7.3 is the latest version of the program, released on July 25, 2023. It brings several new features and improvements, such as:

  • A new Favourites panel that allows you to access your most frequently used symbols with one click. You can add or remove symbols from the Favourites panel by using the right-click menu.

  • A new option to change the color of cable symbols, which can help you distinguish different types of cables in your diagrams.

  • A new option to change the position of the title block in landscape format. You can choose to place the title block on the left, bottom, or right edge of the drawing.

  • A new option to draw an arc defined by three points, which can help you create curved shapes more easily.

  • A new feature to renumber terminals in your project. You can view all the terminals in a dialog box and renumber them with one click.

  • A new feature to set the start number for terminal strips, which can help you assign unique numbers to each terminal in your drawing.

  • A new option to use imperial units (decimal numbers or fractions) in addition to metric units. You can switch between units in the program settings and enter coordinates with units in the Properties panel.

  • A new option to rotate rectangles and ellipses, which can help you create more complex shapes.

If you want to learn more about ProfiCAD 7.3, you can visit the official website or read the news page. You can also watch a video tutorial on how to draw terminal blocks.

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can download the installer for upgrade. You can install over the previous version. This is a paid upgrade. If you have purchased ProfiCAD after January 1, 2022, you can upgrade to Version 12 free of charge.

If you want to try ProfiCAD for free, you can download the version for non-commercial use, which has some limitations compared to the paid version. You can also run ProfiCAD from a USB drive without installation.

ProfiCAD is a powerful and user-friendly tool for creating professional technical diagrams. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, ProfiCAD can help you with your projects. Download ProfiCAD 7.3 today and enjoy its new features and improvements!


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