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Online Football Betting and Related Legal Issues

Football betting is a common phenomenon during global football seasons such as the World Cup or EURO.

Through the press, media, or information from law enforcement agencies, we are aware that five star football prediction has led many people into debt, caused the dissolution of personal and family assets, jeopardized social security, and left severe consequences. With the development of information technology and widespread Internet access, football betting has not only occurred directly among players but also online.

Players only need a smartphone to engage in football betting with thousands or even tens of thousands of others. With the online platform, football betting becomes convenient, attracting a large number of participants nationwide and even internationally.

The amounts of money involved in these activities are substantial, reaching hundreds or even thousands of billions. This poses challenges for law enforcement agencies, especially the police, in combating this vice.

Legal Regulations

Under current legal regulations, online football betting, which involves the loss of property, is considered gambling. Depending on the severity, it can result in administrative penalties or criminal liability.

According to Resolution 01/2006 of the Council of Judges of the Supreme People's Court, gambling is defined as: "Gambling refers to the participation of multiple individuals (at least two) in any form of activity with the purpose of winning money or items of value." In cases of direct or online football betting, all involve gambling with money or other assets, thus constituting gambling.

Gambling is prohibited by law, and depending on the degree of danger, offenders may face administrative penalties or criminal prosecution.

Specifically, under Article 321 of the 2015 Criminal Code, gambling involving property worth over 5 million dong or less than 5 million dong but previously penalized administratively for this offense, organizing gambling activities, or gambling offenses that have not been expunged, are considered gambling crimes. Gambling crimes involving the use of computers, telecommunications networks, or electronic means are subject to aggravated penalties, with imprisonment ranging from 3 to 7 years.

If not subject to criminal prosecution, offenders may face administrative penalties under Decree 167/2013/ND-CP. According to Article 26(2) of Decree 167, those engaged in online football betting can face fines ranging from 1 to 2 million dong. There is a significant gap between administrative and criminal penalties for gambling offenses, despite the similarity in the nature of the offenses.

For example, gambling online with an amount just under 5 million dong, say 4,990,000 dong, may result in a maximum administrative fine of 2 million dong, but adding just another 10,000 dong could lead to a minimum prison sentence of 3 years.

For those operating betting tips website networks, website developers, or individuals involved in organizing betting activities, their actions are considered "Organizing gambling."

Determining the "most accurate" football prediction site can be subjective and dependent on various factors such as the type of predictions provided, the track record of the site, and personal experiences of users.

However, there are several reputable football prediction sites that are widely regarded for their accuracy and reliability

For these individuals, their actions typically constitute criminal offenses because gambling websites often have a large number of players and substantial sums of money involved, meeting the criteria for criminal offenses. Organizing gambling online also carries aggravated penalties, with imprisonment ranging from 5 to 10 years.


To combat this vice, various measures are necessary. However, given its nature, immediate actions should include:

Firstly, enhancing monitoring and supervision of the national computer network and telecommunications system, utilizing advanced technology to combat crime and ensure cybersecurity. Therefore, it's challenging to trace these networks, making it feasible and relatively easy to dismantle them online. Achieving this requires a competent workforce and advanced technological tools.

Secondly, tightly controlling online financial transactions, especially those involving bank cards or mobile phone cards, to prevent the transfer of funds to gambling activities. Prohibit all card transactions in prize-winning games, tighten regulations on transferring money abroad, etc.

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