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Crack The Whip Meaning In Hindi

Crack The Whip Meaning In Hindi - Learn English Idioms

Do you know what does "crack the whip" mean in English? It is an idiom that means to put someone under pressure to do a job or to be strict with someone to make them work harder. For example, if your boss cracks the whip on you, it means he or she is making you work very hard and fast. If you crack the whip on your children, it means you are being very strict with them and making them do their homework or chores.

In Hindi, the meaning of "crack the whip" is सह मक़ (sahī mauqā), which literally means "a fair chance" or "a right opportunity". It is used to express that someone should get a fair chance to do something or to prove themselves. For example, if you say that someone deserves a crack of the whip, it means they deserve a chance to show what they can do. If you say that you need a crack of the whip, it means you need an opportunity to prove yourself or to achieve something.


Here are some examples of how to use "crack the whip" in English and Hindi sentences:

  • He has started cracking the whip on us. (उसने हम पर कम करने के लए दबव बनन शुरू कर दय है)

  • You will have to crack the whip on him, so that he can succeed. (तुम्हें उस पर कठर बनकर कम करन हग, तक वह सफल ह सके)

  • He deserves a crack of the whip in the team. (उसे टम में सह मक़ मलन चहए)

  • I need a crack of the whip to get this project done. (मुझे इस प्रजेक्ट क पूर करने के लए सह मक़ चहए)

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